Fuse Box 87 Buick Skyhawk

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Fuse Box 87 Buick Skyhawk - 1 1 what is the gm h body basically the h body was gm s sub pact car for the seventies sold in six different models chevrolet vega and monza pontiac astre and sunbird buick skyhawk and oldsmobile starfire the amc pacer is a two door pact car produced in the united states by the american motors corporation from 1975 to 1979 sold out in 1980 design work began in 1971 the rounded shape and large glass area were unusual pared with the three box designs of the era the pacer s width is equal to full sized domestic vehicles at the time and this unique design feature was promoted by amc good point carmine but i may never live long enough to understand why they didn t make the dang thing robust enough to survive the slams of a hamfisted supermarket bag boy who is from a home in which he never got the chance to get up close and personal with

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